Tripod Stand Sprinkler - circle - 3/4"

A reasonably priced tripod-sprinkler with with high output. With height-adjustable, galvanised tripod made of steel.

On the basic stand can optionally be mounted 2 different sprinkler heads, (as listed below) With Geka-coupling. Own weight ca. 3 kg
Equipped with Circle sprinkler head RK 1000, 1-nozzle. hose connection, internal thread ¾“. For mid to high sprinkling-concentrations. Max. sprinkle distance with standard-nozzle equippment: ca. 16 m at 4 bar.
Material: brass, spring steel, chrome steel.
Ca. 32 m Ø. Irrigationed area up to ca. 780 m².
Main nozzle: 4,4 mm Ø, additional nozzle: 2,4 mm Ø.
Recommended pressure range: 2 - 6 bar

Water flow:
at 2 bar 22,4 l/min
at 3 bar 27,4 l/min
at 4 bar 31,6 l/min
Tripod height: 700 mm
Progressively height-adjustable to: 1.070 mm

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