Batting Cage Net - Twine #24

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The Batting Cage Nets are constructed of long lasting twisted knotted twine which makes these batting cage nets very strong. Each fiber is treated with TWO chemicals to protect the premium polymer blend (polyethylene) against the sun and enables the netting to retain its strength for a longer period of time.

Twisted to give it maximum strength
Made of polyethylene
Hung on the square*
4' wide over lapping door at one end
Three top ropes to minimize sag

*Square mesh is typically more expensive to produce, because the ends must be trimmed off. Although it can take more material to hang a batting cage on the square, the finished product is significantly better. A cage hung on the square will open straighter and all four bottom edges will be more likely to reach the ground. The edges will be neater, and the border will naturally follow the edge of the netting.

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