Established in 1908.

KR3 has a long and varied history. Known as Canada's oldest bat manufacturer, our history started with St. Marys Wood Products in 1908. By 1989 and then known as Cooper bats, 30% of Major League players were using Cooper bats. KR3 is proud to provide the same level of quality and service as provided in the Cooper days - we treat all ball players as professionals.

KR3 applies the trademark "Ink Dot Certified" label on the face grain on Canadian Rock Maple and Hi-Impact Birch models as specified by Professional Baseball (Ash does not require an ink dot test). This is accurately measured with a Pro supplied test gauge to ensure the face grain wood cells are straight. "Ink Dot Certified" means that the bat has passed the Pro standard. The ink dot shows the direction of the slope of the grain allowing the straightness of the grains to be measured and monitored on each bat.

Pro Certified Maple bats - comply with MLB® quality requirement

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